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ANBI status for Hart voor Vietnam

It pleases the board to be able to announce that the tax authorities have decided to grant (with reproactivity untill september 10th 2015) the ANBI status to Stichting Hart voor Vietnam.

The term ANBI stands for;
Public Benifit Institution.
So Stichting Hart voor Vietnam meets the terms and conditions of the tax authorities.

Because Hart voor Vietnam has the ANBI status since September 10th 2015 all donations and gifts are tax deductable within the limits of the tax authorities.

For more (official) information we advice you to check the link following (sorry, the page is in Dutch);

We hope this message is an extra stimulation to support Stichting Hart voor Vietnam.

The board

Board changing

The board is happy to announce that from september 1st 2016 the board is complete again.

From then on we have found Lan Anh Ngoc Vu willing to join us and complete the board.


Lan Anh is Vietnamese national and she came to the Netherlands in 2014 to study. So she knows Vietnam very well and is learning about the Dutch society more and more.

We warmly welcome  Lan Anh and we are convinced that we, with her at the board to, can achieve even better results.

Lan Anh will be at the position of secretary.

We will keep you informed.

Board change

Yesterday evening january 12th 2015 we received email from Linh Lan Phan concerning the fact that she wanted to quit being a boardmember of Stichting Hart voor Vietnam, as from today.

We regret Linh Lan’s decision, but naturally we will respect it.

This means that from now on we have a vacancy at the board.
We will do our utmost to find a suitable candidate.

Hereby the board wants to thank Linh Lan for the work done and the commitment shown.

We wish Linh Lan and her family all the best for the future.

The board.