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Both can be done once, as an incident and also ongoing.

25-09-2017 New donation

On september 25th 2017 Stichting Hart voor Vietnam has received a new donation for € 200,- .

The donator wants to stay anonimus and offcourse we respect that.

Nevertheless we want to thank this donator on behalf of the children in Vietnam.

If you would also want to support us, we would be very grateful!
Do you want to know how you can support us?

-Buy your tickets for the VLC3 event on november 5th 2017 today!

-You can make a onetime donation on account NL38 SNSB 0925 8060 80
of Stichting Hart voor Vietnam

(please clearly state if you support us on the VLC3 event or the foundation).

-Periodical donation, if you want to support Foundation Heart for Vietnam on
a regular basis, please contact the foundation board foundation to talk about the
possibilities and to arrange things.

Offcourse the donationbox of Stichting Hart voor Vietnam wil be
available at the 
coming event so you can put your  donation in there.

Donation from Toko Asia Golden Dragon (Arnhem)

On september 20th we received another donation through the bank for Stichting Hart voor Vietnam.
This donation is done by people also originating from the Vietnamese community in the Netherlands!

This donation of € 200,- is surely also an effect of the ongoing preperations of the cultural and culinary event 2016!

The donator; toko-asia-dragon-arnhem

The donators, owners of Toko Asia Golden Dragon (Arnhem), and everyone else who has contributed to the gaining of this donation. Thank you very much!

The board

September 19th 2016 Donation

On monday September 19th Lan Anh has received € 500,- cash from one of her customers originating in the Vietnamese community in the Netherlands.
This donation is directly meant for Stichting Hart voor Vietnam.
This donator also wants to remain anonymous.
On behalf of the board of the foundation and all children we are supporting now and will be in the future we thank you from our heart.
The board realizes that this donation is amongst other causes a consequence of the ongoing preparations for the Vietnam Little Corner 2016 event.
We want to thank everyone who is now working hard to prepare this event.
The board.

2 new regular sponsors

The board of Hart voor Vietnam is verry happy!

Two people have registered that they want to support our foundation regularly.
The contribution of those people enables the board to support 3 of the selected children!

Right this instant we are working on the agreements and arrangements.

We hope that these sponsors will support our work for a long time and we also hope a lot of people will follow this example.

The board